Notable Projects

Many of the projects I work on are proprietary, non-public-facing applications. They may be accessible on the Internet, but only by company employees. Therefore, in the interest of privacy, I do not share company names or screen shots here, but just give you an idea of what the projects were and which technologies I used to implement them.

Accounting Reporting Roll-ups

Technologies used: Visual Studio 2015, SQL 2014, Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap, jQuery, Knockout

This is a single-page application that allows the user to create and organize data for accounting reports. Each line on the report can be a blank, description, detail, formula, or total. The detail lines are for listing ranges of accounts, and dimensions that make up accounts, either including or excluding data elements. The data entry for the accounts and the dimensions offer a type-ahead lookup of actual values from the backend system. Being able to search by account number or name in the same interface makes data entry very easy. A total row sums up one or more rows or ranges of rows. A formula row is where you can specify calculations for not only adding rows, but subtracting, multiplying or dividing using row numbers and numeric values. I implemented the same type of user, permission, and permission group maintenance that I used in the Winery Pricing application.

Winery Pricing

Technologies used: Visual Studio 2013, SQL 2014, Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap, jQuery, Knockout

This application tracks wine pricing for varying brands, varieties, and vintages. It lays out deals for distributors during specified timeframes and provides interfaces for building invoices. The backend Navision system uses this invoice data for reconciliation. The grid screens have advanced filtering capabilities and performance is quick due to asynchronous calls to the server. There are screens for maintaining lookup values and managing content that originates from the backend system. Security is set up using groups and permissions. Admins can create new groups with unique sets of permissions, and users can belong to zero or more groups.

Worker's Compensation Case Management

Technologies used: Visual Studio 2013, SQL 2012, Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap, jQuery, Knockout

I was part of a team of developers working on a single-page application that tracks claims and cases in the Worker's Compensation domain. I spent my time building modules for data entry that are dynamically loaded into the application. The beauty of the single-page application is that the user never leaves the page. Content is loaded dynamically and displayed, appearing to act more like a native operating system application. The amount of information going over the wire is small so the application is very responsive.

Lease Management System

Technologies used: Visual Studio 2012, SQL 2012, Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap, jQuery, Knockout

The application solved the complex problem of managing leases for store complexes like malls. Many tenants come and go, having leases with various restrictions and one-off clauses along with varying levels of financial responsibility for shared bills. From managing the units that can have tenants, to tracking all of the bills, reporting, and invoicing tenants, there's a lot of automation of what usually are very time-consuming manual tasks.

Juvenile Domestic Violence Case Management System

Technologies used: Visual Studio 2012, SQL 2008, Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap, jQuery, Telerik Reports

This application tracked a juvenile's progress from intake into the system, diagnosis, treatment plans, through to case resolution, storing contact information, notes, and file attachments along the way. The application quickly produced PDF reports. There was an admin area where you could manage lookup values, agencies, and users within agencies, as well as a fine-grained security group and permission management feature. Another admin feature allowed you to mark certain fields as read-only or hidden for a particular security group.